SPARK Direct Health values a positive care giving experience for patients, elderly and their families/guardians.

Our care specialist respect, advocate and protect the pride of those receiving care and work closely with their families/guardians to enable comfort and a healthier quality life.

Patient Care


Patient care is all about empowering your wellness. It is also involves caregivers sharing information, collaborative planning and enabling you to connect to a healthier future.

SPARK’s care team focuses on each person listening careful to their needs; following their assessment a personalized program is built to address those needs. We build your tailor-made care plan together. More…

Care Plan


You’ve always prepared and planned your path. Retirement and the future of your loved ones deserve the same attention to ‘active aging’ planning.

A wellness plan of action is the best investment you can make today. A sudden illness: cancer or heart problems, injury, or an accident can change your path or you’re loved one’s daily life. More…




Spark supports corporate organizations, employees and insurers to enable continuous recovery of staff on short-term disability leave. We also provide in-house wellness program and on-line support.

Healthier employees create a healthy productive organization and in return can save time and money. More…


Zoomer Boomer Care


In 2016, there were 5.8 million Canadian seniors – those aged 65 and older.  As you zoom along in your busy life you notice older people aren’t like older people a few generations ago. The Boomers (ages 52 to 69) are sandwiched between their parent’s needs and demands of their ‘Millennium’ generation kids.

Boomers are global travellers; foodies enjoying international cuisine, consumers with credit in hand, a bit tech savvy and more into lifestyle. More…

Innovative On-line Care


Connect to a Healthier Future … without leaving your home, office or travels around the world with ‘MT 360 view’. At SPARK Direct Health, we empower you while on the go to a healthier future by communicating in ‘real time’ with our care specialists on-line or face-to-face.

Schedule an online appointment today personally or as part of a corporate organization offered as a valued benefit to their staff. More… 

  • We eliminate the time and stress to family members.
  • Good Home care gives comfort, confidence and wellness at home.
  • We are advocates for quality healthier results in a complex world.
  • Pick and choose services – pay only what you need.
  • Corporate programs offer a valued benefit to their staff.