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After the dull winter, we all look forward to the greening of trees and grass, the blossoming of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other flowers that brighten the landscape. It is a time of renewal that puts a spring in our step. Despite all these wonderful awakenings, there are things that older adults should think about before jumping into the spirit of springtime.

  1. Stay Healthy: With a plethora of fruits and vegetables, it is a great way to enhance a boring diet. Remember to drink plenty of water and watch for any allergies that may rear their ugly heads. Warmer weather is a perfect time to enjoy those walks too. They are an excellent form of exercise.
  2. Gardening: For those who enjoy getting dirt in their fingernails to plant and weed a garden, need to be cautious of bug bites that can lead to infections as well as bruising, particularly those who take blood thinning medications. Watch for the upheaval of paving stones or interlocking bricks as they are a tripping hazard. Gardening is another good form of exercise.
  3. Medications: It is very important to carefully read all labelling on medications, particularly sun warnings.
  4. Safety: After being indoors more during the winter season, there is the possibility of falls when re-engaging with the great outdoors. Keep all entrances and walkways in good repair and free of clutter. Install better lighting. Keep high traffic areas free of obstacles. Make sure you have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER handy. IF falls are a concern to you, it might be wise to enroll in a Falls Prevention program. They are available in most communities through a referral from your family doctor.
  5. Events: Spring is a perfect opportunity to see what Community programs and activities are available to you. If you enjoy art and/or music, there are many outdoor art shows as well as local music events to attend.

Just getting outside to hear the birds chirping, watching the flowers grow is as calming and relaxing as an hour of meditation. Put on your walking shoes to connect with nature and all your surroundings. Breathe deeply to benefit the fresh air all around. Since spring is considered an in-between season, make sure you dress accordingly. Layering is advisable for all seasons. Start slowly, take it easy. Enjoy life!