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Boomers Defining The Future

Thank goodness for Baby Boomers! They have been a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of life.  When their short-sightedness started to deteriorate, they changed our idea of what selecting a pair of glasses meant. Besides blinking or wanting better lightening in restaurants or larger text on menus, they wanted style along with substance, so today they have several pairs of glasses to suit their mood and style. I personally have three sets of reading glasses at home, at the office and in my purse. At the first signs of short-sightedness, Boomers head for the Dollar Store to purchase “cheapies” until they require prescription lens. Today there are many optical outlets from which to make a selection.

The same goes for hearing aids.  They have improved tremendously over recent years. Now designer hearing aids are colour coded to your hair colour and are custom fit with dramatically improved micro-function. No longer is it an embarrassment to need a hearing aid. When my friend Trudy recently purchased new hearing aids she told me she had to really turn down the volume on her TV.

Clearly, Boomers will demand better accommodation in later life. As they ‘right-size’ to new living spaces, Boomers demand for bungalows without stairs and low maintenance will continue.  Architects and engineers are listening as they incorporate the principles of universal design when making changes to existing homes so people can remain there in their active aging years. These Boomers have the financial resources not only to modify their homes but also to cover care-giving services as needed.

My husband and I renovated our kitchen to accommodate a washer dryer and in the bathroom we put a walk-in shower and a raised toilet. These are simple changes that have a major impact on our day to day lives.

Newer approaches to retirement are hotel style buildings with fully equipped individual suites. The selection of services like a dining room or a pub for the residents as well as programs and activities from which to choose provide a well-rounded lifestyle. When heading south is no longer an option, this lifestyle is appealing.

Have you ever travelled into unknown territory where you cannot read either the street signs or the house numbers? Wouldn’t it be better if those street signs were more visible with better lighting?  Community planners need to address the fact we have more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 14. Not only do such changes help the Baby Boomers and their parents, they help everyone.

Driving is a privilege not a right. However, as we age, our abilities may impede our skills. Driverless cars are on the horizon. Hopefully by the time I give up driving I can call a driverless taxi to take me to my destination.

Baby Boomers are leading the way to force changes that will be a benefit to all society. Thank you Boomers! We welcome these changes.