Aging Healthy

Too frequently we see articles on aging well but what’s wrong with aging healthy? Just because people are getting older doesn’t mean we are all old and sick. Many chronic illnesses happen in our 30’s and 40’s like hypertension and elevated cholesterol or diabetes. Arthritis can strike at anytime, even


Traveling is an amazing. You may be adventuring around the world, on a cruise or looking for a warm paradise – they are plenty of things to think about beyond getting the best deal and what clothes to take. The most important item to consider is your safety. Hmmm not that’s


After the dull winter, we all look forward to the greening of trees and grass, the blossoming of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other flowers that brighten the landscape. It is a time of renewal that puts a spring in our step. Despite all these wonderful awakenings, there are things that

It’s your life.

The promise of longevity is here. You may recall the 2015 Time Baby of the year is predicted to live142 years. So if you are going to live a long time, you had better be prepared both emotionally and financially. When planning a vacation it is not unusual to spend an

The Surreal World of Disruptive Discovery and Technology

What promise of longevity lies in your future? Does the dawning of 2017 fill you with angst or excitement? Sooth-Sayers offer everything from doom to gloom. I personally look forward to a year of immense change. Innovators the world over are constantly coming up with new technologies. Everybody benefits regardless of

Parents, Holidays & Senior Blues

  PARENTS, the HOLIDAYS and SENIOR BLUES Holidays are usually a time of happiness and joy. It is a time when families get together to rejoice and reminisce. However for older people, that is not always the case. Festivities of the season may trigger holiday blues. When visiting aging parents, watch

Say Yes To Living A Longer Happy Life

SAY YES TO LIVING A HAPPY LONGER LIFE Living to 100 and beyond is not unthinkable anymore. Keeping your body and brain healthy will certainly help in your journey to reach that mark. Those chronic illnesses we keep hearing about start showing up in our 40’s and 50’s. Managing them is

Magic Moments Spark Memories

Memory is our internal storage system readily available for retrieval at any time. It is what we use to recall or remember something. If, when fact checking on your computer, you don’t immediately use that information, it will slip away.  Contrary to that, once you get that information and keep

Boomers Defining The Future

Thank goodness for Baby Boomers! They have been a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of life.  When their short-sightedness started to deteriorate, they changed our idea of what selecting a pair of glasses meant. Besides blinking or wanting better lightening in restaurants or larger text on menus,