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Chat with a doctor… on your lunch break.

 Chat with a doctor… in your pyjamas.

 Chat with a doctor… on vacation.


 Chat with a doctor… you or your family.


  • Our physicians are here to give you the advice and peace of mind you need to feel better.
  • Your consultation only ends once all questions about your concern have been answered.


Doctor Online by Spark

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

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Registering with Spark Direct Health is free. Creating your private account is simple, and takes just a few minutes.

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Submit your symptoms or concerns, and we’ll connect you with the doctor in minutes. Say goodbye to the reception desk.

3. See the doctor online.

You’ll get an assessment, diagnosis, sick note and prescriptions in less time than it takes to drive to the clinic.


NOTE: If you are experiencing an Emergency – call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency hospital or provider.