SPARK supports corporate organizations, employees and insurers to enable continuous recovery of staff on short-term disability leave. We also provide an in-house wellness program and on-line support.

Healthier employees create a healthy productive organization and in return can save time and money.

Our registered nurse managers and certified care specialists are available to collaboratively work with an employee to assess their physical, mental and socio-economic situation. We then rapidly build a tailor-made program to support the employee with the best services.

Our care specialist can treat your employees face to face and/or remotely with SPARK’s on-line care.

Ask us how SPARK can reduce employee time off and the over all costs of low productivity.

Your goal and ours is to encourage the employee’s to connect to a healthier future and return to a productive workplace – let’s work together.


We know communications by all stakeholders with ongoing updates in a timely manner are important. Spark offers:

  • A state-of-art technology where insurers, doctors, physical rehab and counselors can login to securely document and report the latest findings online in real time. Can your other suppliers do that?
  • Our professional multi-disciplinary health care team provides the resources necessary to get your employees back on track. The Team Lead will monitor continuous recovery of the employee during and after recovery.
  • SPARK’S experienced care specialist and our innovative technology applications will assist with your administrative case files accuracy and provide you with ‘real time’ updates.


healthcare-resourcesOur professional team focuses on each person and their personalized program to build their confidence, renew understanding and how to enhance their abilities.

Employees with a tailor-made program can access our services and feel the support they need on-line 24/7.

SPARK Direct Health can enable less employee absences through the use of our resources and tailor- made programs.


Employee daily workplace challenges or employee disability leaves become part of SPARK’s tailor-made program to rebuild a person’s mental wellness.

Our specialists design a personal plan of action with a multidisciplinary team to enable a rapid recovery and a return healthier to productive work.

SPARK’S specialists are here to coach and counsel employees through anxious times with mental health needs.

Our o-line care and services keep the insurer, employer and caregivers up to date providing ‘real-time’ reports.


SPARK is right there when you need us most – during times of crisis or lost within your organization or stress caused by change or on the job stress.

Our SPARK Specialists are there ready to coach and counsel employees through anxious times with mental health needs on-site. We can also work with staff ‘face to face’ and/or online with our team of Specialists.

We collaboratively work with you to develop a tailor-made program to address the issues and rebuild a healthier workplace


SPARK’S specialists are here to coach, monitor and counsel employees through required rehabilitation from physical rehab to the emotional daily challenges to ensure continuous recovery and return to productive work.


SPARK specialists assesses, monitors and encourages healthier daily personal health management through tailor-made programs.


You’ve always prepared and planned your path. Retirement and the future of your loved ones deserve the same attention to ‘active aging’ planning.

A wellness plan of action is the best investment you can make today.
A sudden illness: cancer or heart problems, injury or an accident can change your path or you’re loved one’s daily life.

Our SPARK specialists will work with you to determine your future goals or your aging Parents, and help you hone in on just what you and your loved ones desire. Our specialist will develop a plan of action that makes sense connecting health, family members, finances, legal and life activities. SPARK can connect your employees to a healthier future.


CEOs to executive managers are extremely busy, they have not only have their daily challenges of running an organization but also dealing with personal illness, addiction, family crisis, retirement, aging parents to name a few.

A SPARK coach will privately connect executives to a healthier future. Our face-to-face and on-line concierge services are tailor-made, offering private, full confidentiality and concierge service.