Ask how we can help you SPARK a healthier organization with seminar, online Training and other programs:corp2

  • Healthier organizations [physical, mental]
  • Customer care service [thank you program]
  • Your third quarter of life – what’s next?
  • We can custom design a program based on your need
  • Executive healthcare management
  • MT 360 View healthcare technologies training available


Spark offers coaching, personal counselling and telephone, video and email online care services 24/7 to assist your employees in:

  • Family, relationship, separation/divorce or other issues
  • Crisis management or accident loss
  • Bereavement, chronic illness
  • Caregiver or daily work stress
  • Anxiety and stress

SPARK will listen to your employee needs and work with them to build understanding and renewed confidence to meet daily challenges.

SPARK Direct Health understands the impact a physical or mental challenges on employees and their families. Our tailor-made programs bridge the gap and enable the connection to a healthier future.