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Parents, Holidays & Senior Blues



Holidays are usually a time of happiness and joy. It is a time when families get together to rejoice and reminisce. However for older people, that is not always the case. Festivities of the season may trigger holiday blues.

When visiting aging parents, watch out for:

  • loss of interest in family and friends
  • loss of interest in activities
  • loss of friends and loved ones
  • loss of memory
  • sleep – getting too much or too little

With people living longer, it is not unusual to be concerned about outliving their money. In today’s world this is very real. Encourage them to work with their financial advisor to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How to help them during the holiday season:

  • visit them or arrange for a friend to do so if you live far away
  • treat them to a home cooked meal
  • take them baked goods
  • encourage them to stay active and engaged
  • tell them how much you love them
  • tell them how important they are in your life

Hosting your parents over the holidays may mean some adjustments to your home to make it age friendly.

  • adjust the heat a bit making it warmer
  • ensure there is adequate lighting indoors (i.e. bathroom night light )
  • remove scatter rugs
  • clear away floors of extra cords or objects
  • rent a raised toilet seat and put a tub-seat in the shower
  • install suction type temporary grab bars or install permanently
  • make sure all walkways are cleared of ice / snow Relax and enjoy the holidays. Time spent with your aging parents is truly a gift.

Happy and Healthy Holidays!