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Say Yes To Living A Longer Happy Life


Living to 100 and beyond is not unthinkable anymore. Keeping your body and brain healthy will certainly help in your journey to reach that mark. Those chronic illnesses we keep hearing about start showing up in our 40’s and 50’s. Managing them is what matters most.


I recently heard “When I married my husband he told me I was young and beautiful.  Now that I am older he tells me I am wise”.  I believe it was Bill Maher who said, “Wisdom isn’t something you just Google”. Wisdom is something we gain as we age and should be very proud of the fact.


In the 1880’s our forefathers often worked well into their 80’s tending farms and other necessary occupations until death. You might say that today’s world is reverting back to the past by removing mandatory retirement leaving it up to each individual to decide how long they intend to stay in their careers.


Young people will have many careers in their lifetime. The idea of having just one career has already changed.  Several years ago a friend of mine said to me when asked about her son, “I just wish Mike would get a real job”.  At that point he was a part time lecturer at a Community College and also had a private computer company that helped seniors better understand computers. Today he is a full professor with tenure at the same Community College and lives in a downtown condo with his family that he purchased several years ago.

The youth of today have different career choices.  They are willing to accept a more flexible lifestyle, often becoming entrepreneurs. Taking time out to travel gives them different life experiences where then can explore other worldly sectors and find like-minded people to share ideas with as they go back and forth between work and leisure time.


No longer is an undergraduate degree sufficient. Those with undergraduate degrees may segue into a vocational program that teaches a specific need in today’s current society. Often they may take further courses or degrees depending on the type of career path they choose. Older people will return to colleges and universities just to keep up with the changing times.

Learning throughout life is necessary as the world is changing so fast that new learning is essential just to keep up with the times.  Know this and embrace it to live longer, better.


Our concept of how we spend leisure time is being redefined. Instead of aimlessly spending money without regard, we will take time to invest in ways to increase savings because the longer you live the more you need to save for the future.

I recently attended a networking session where I met a retired community college professor.  He told me he had to reinvent himself because if he wanted to continue with the lifestyle he and his wife have created, he needs to continue earning money so he created a new travel business.

Find out what makes you happy.  Follow your dreams.  Enjoy life!