senior-care-planOur specialists are experienced in how to cut through a complex healthcare system, advocate for you and get the best results. As a client you can use your care plan and log in on-line to access our services and resources to feel the support any time, 24/7. Your personal care information remains secure, private and confidential at all times.

SPARK specialists are here to coach, counsel and walk with you through your care plan and health challenges to achieve a healthier future.


When families/guardians do not live close to their loved one, or there is no family, we can step in and be there for the parent or senior person to make certain their care needs are met.

You are busy with your career, kids and activities – SPARK can serve your best interests and be with your aging parent wherever they are; at home, in a retirement home or in a nursing home.

We can provide the best quality care, design a plan of action and be the advocate for financial, legal or property services. SPARK takes a personal caring approach and will monitor the person’s requirements.

SPARK will keep you updated on the progress of the person, connecting them to a healthier lifestyle.


SPARK Direct Health can serve your active aging clients best interests. Our care team can advocate on a person’s behalf helping them with transitional life changes, planning, financials, family issues, counselling and even relocation moving services.


Active aging is about empowering wellness to live healthier, enabling you to do the next activity on ‘your bucket list’ – be happier.

SPARK Direct Health wants to make your life a little less stressful, more manageable and empowering wellness by sharing our information, research and resources online. See our e-magazine at

SPARK can connect you and your family to a healthier future … get your action care plan today.