In 2016, there were 5.8 million Canadian seniors – those age 65 and older. In percentage terms, 16.1 per cent of Canadians were in the 65-and-over group. By 2036, this senior population will rise to about 10.4 million.

The boomers (ages 52 to 69) are sandwiched between their parents’ needs and their millennium generation kids demands.


  • older people aren’t like older people a few generations ago
  • credit is maxed but there is always your inheritance
  • downsizing means selling a family home to buy a new one
  • early retirement sounds good but they can’t afford to retire
  • more tech savvy than their parents and still learning
  • kids leaving college with a second family in elementary school
  • living longer and more active, but with chronic pain or disease

Boomers and their parents make up the largest, most expensive health care user group.


SPARK Direct Hebike-active-agingalth provides counselling to boomers to connect individuals to a healthier future. Mental and physical wellness is a mindset towards ‘active aging’.

A wellness plan of action is the best investment you can make today.
A sudden illness: cancer or heart problems, injury or an accident can change your path or you’re loved one’s daily life.

Our SPARK Specialists will work with you to determine your future goals or your aging parents, and help you hone in on just what you and your loved ones desire. We will develop a plan of action that makes sense connecting health, family members, financials, legal and life activities.

Spark can connect you and your Family to that healthier future.